Fostering shared mobility solutions in Poland and CEE

read more regulating urban mobility – with the private sector that is providing mobility services. This is the kind of cooperation we support, in order to prepare today’s cities for the mobility of tomorrow: shared, multimodal, electrified and autonomous.hide

read more of tomorrow won’t accommodate all of their residents’ individual means of transport. And that’s why we focus on shared mobility and its diversity. We want commuting to be comfortable, accessible and emission-free. We believe that the revolution in mobility means a better quality of life for all of us. Join us! hide


Car, bike & scooter sharing

Shared mobility zones, open for different mobility providers, introduced on municipal roads, commercial real estate and public utility buildings

Taxi & ride hailing, ride sharing & carpooling

Innovative and effective mobility solutions for commuters, drivers, companies and institutions

Integration of mobility services

“Mobility as a Service” – a one-stop-shop integrating different shared mobility services

Electromobility & autonomous vehicles

Emission-free, electrified and shared means of transport. Preparing cities for the mobility of tomorrow: autonomous vehicles.

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Ready for the revolution in mobility (#shared, #EV, #AV)? Join us!

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DLA Piper Wiater sp.k.

DLA Piper Giziński Kycia sp. k.

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Eco-friendly carsharing in Poznan and Lodz


Vozilla by Enigma

Municipal Car Sharing System of Electric Cars

Jeden Slad

Jeden Ślad

City electric scooter sharing service



First scooter sharing service in Poland

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Ele Taxi Warszawa

Nationwide Taxi Network Establisher



Sharing Economy System

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